Flood Studies and Stormwater Management

Flooding issues can often be complex and their cause is not always apparent. Landis Evans + Partners, formerly Sprinkle Consulting, has a long history of forensically analyzing flooding problems and successfully defending those analyses in the courtroom. Armed with decades of experience and the latest technology Landis Evans’ engineers have been called on to determine the cause of flooding for properties that range in size from a single subdivision lot to large drainage basins stretching over thousands of acres. We understand each situation is unique and give each the individual attention it deserves. We have experience in aerial photograph interpretation with experts trained by the United States Army in Aerial Reconnaissance techniques. Additionally, Landis Evans has a extensive resources for historical aerials. We can see how circumstances impacting the flow of stormwater may have changed over the years. Our drone technology allows us to take current high resolution 3D images that provide stunning detail for flood evaluation. Our engineers are also armed with a wide assortment of cutting edge drainage and hydrology software. This equips them with the modeling tools they need to analyze each situation in detail. In some cases, we must take our findings into the courtroom and explain the circumstances to a judge or a jury. We have over 30 years of courtroom experience. We give clear and compelling testimony and we know how to represent our findings with detailed color graphics that perfectly complement the testimony being given.