For Landis Evans + Partners transportation is more than just about getting people from Point A to Point B. It’s about creating safe and efficient transportation systems that completely serve all modes in a way that is contextually appropriate and fiscally sustainable. We help our clients develop new ways to meet their needs today, with designed flexibility for the future.

Federal, state, and local agencies across the United States trust us for policy development, system architecture, network analysis, planning, design, construction, and management of their transportation systems.

Client Testimonials

“For the past eight years, we’ve consistently used [Landis Evans + Partners] to bring design workshops to our CDOT engineers and planners, as well as local government personnel. Our programs must be high impact and cost effective. These workshops are exactly that. [Landis Evans + Partners] is very responsive to our needs; knows the information; and teaches in an interesting and productive way.”

Betsy Jacobsen Colorado Dept. of Transportation

Client & Project Highlights

Planning & Design

From statewide and metropolitan-area master plans to the design and engineering of innovative bikeways and roadway facilities, Landis Evans + Partners is a recognized leader throughout the United States. With a talented staff led by professionals with planning, design, engineering, and operations experience, we can take your project from concept to construction.

Transportation & Safety: Research, Studies, and Action Plans

Our staff are not only accomplished researchers, but also designers, engineers, and operators of transportation facilities. This added dimension ensures practical applications of research results.

In addition to traditional MUTS traffic studies, Landis Evans designs and conducts customized behavioral studies such as pedestrian mapping and conflict analysis. Our knowledgeable staff tailor studies to obtain the data required to identify and address transportation challenges.

Our statewide DOT safety office experience and ability to recognize complex causal factors enable us to craft effective mitigation countermeasures. Having applied and tested engineering, education, and enforcement measures, we develop the most appropriate and effective Safety Action Plans for you.

Guidelines & Training

Long recognized for their expertise in design and engineering of operationally-reliable transportation facilities, our staff is engaged regularly by federal, state, and local agencies to help them develop design guidelines and manuals. Our authorship is evident in prominent documents such as, AASHTO design manuals, the Manual on Uniform Traffic Devices, TRB’s Highway Capacity Manual, and numerous state roadway manuals. Our design approaches are also featured in FHWA guidance and NACTO.