Mitigation Banks

The long-term success of wetland mitigation bank creation or restoration projects is largely dependent upon establishing, restoring, or developing and managing the appropriate hydrology – which is exactly what Bruce McArthur, PE, and the rest of our hydrologists are experts at doing.

Landis Evans works will work directly with your biologist; as they manage the permitting, we handle the complex hydrology issues present on your property, ensuring that you can maximize your credit potential.

Landis Evans + Partners has developed a means to evaluate the daily hydraulic performance of a mitigation site.  A water budget or mass balance analysis is performed. Daily rainfall data for typical wet, average, and dry years are obtained.  Runoff volumes are calculated based on total rainfall, watershed area, and land use.  The runoff volumes are reduced due to losses in soil storage, evapotranspiration, horizontal permeability and losses or increases considered based on adjacent hydraulic factors.

The analysis is then used to predict the water surface elevations associated with a wet, dry and average rainfall year.  This range of elevations, or hydroperiods is used by the environmental consultant in selecting the plant community best suited for the site.

The analysis will be used to ensure the vitality of the wetland system will meet or exceed the success criteria while maximizing your credits.

  • Disney Development Company
  • Florida Gas Transmission Company
  • WRB Enterprises, Inc.
  • Hillsborough County
  • IMC Phosphates Company
  • Wildlands Environmental, Inc.