Eminent Domain

With over 35 years of experience, Sprinkle Consulting is a recognized leader in land planning, transportation, and civil engineering. Our accomplished practitioners are veterans in the inter-related fields of site design, regulatory entitlements, traffic, roadway and site civil engineering, stormwater hydrology, design and permitting, and sign permitting. Our engineers are testifying experts with a caseload portfolio of over 100 cases.

Our experts bring valuable perspective to cases, enabling appraisers to better quantify valuation(s) for cost to cure and total take situations. Our experts accurately and confidently give comprehensive, yet concise findings and reports. We create compelling graphics, not only for appraisal needs, but also for mediation and trial testimony. While we have a stellar track record helping clients receive excellent results in mediation, we relish trial preparation and testimony. Our expert witnesses are regarded for their skill and performance on the witness stand and receive high acclaim playing strong supporting roles in courtroom success.