Alpharetta, GA Downtown Circulation Study

This project, funded by Atlanta Regional Commission’s award-winning Livable Centers Initiative, enhances the existing town center and gateway corridors to better connect homes, shops and offices. It establishes streetscapes, emphasizing pedestrian and bicycle modes, and improves access to transit and expands housing choices. Landis Evans + Partners, formerly Sprinkle Consulting, identified opportunities to improve bicycle and pedestrian circulation in downtown Alpharetta, a historic town center within the northern suburbs of metropolitan Atlanta. Sprinkle staff recommended crossing improvements at challenging intersections and effective mid-block crossings that will enable pedestrians to more safely enjoy the historic charm of downtown Alpharetta. Sprinkle staff also identified multiple new bicycle and pedestrian connections, creatively utilizing undeveloped easements and rights-of-way and other publicly owned parcels, which provide improved non-motorized access between downtown and nearby neighborhoods as well as important community destinations such as the public library, the community park and recreation complex, and a regional greenway.