Arizona Statewide Accommodation of Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

Sprinkle Consulting recommended changes to the state statutes and ADOT policies to improve the provision of bicycle and pedestrian facilities on the state highway system. The procedure involves evaluation, assessment, and recommendation as outlined below: (1) Compile relevant federal and Arizona state legislation and ADOT, USDOT/FHWA, AASHTO policies and design guidelines; (2) Evaluate Arizona law and ADOT policies and design practice; and a. Review and evaluate established law and agency policies. b. Assess, through interviews with District Engineers and other staff, ADOT design and maintenance practices, challenges, constraints and opportunities. (3) Recommend changes to Arizona state statutes and DOT policies. a. Profile the laws of states whose statutes and/or administrative rules have proven effective in incorporating bicycle and pedestrian facilities into their state highway systems. b. Profile applicable federal legislation, USDOT policy, and FHWA guidance that will affect Arizona DOT policies. c. Recommend options for incorporating bicycle and pedestrian design guidelines either as a separate or new ADOT design manual or an integrated feature(s) in the existing design Manuals.