Atlanta Regional Bicycle Transportation and Pedestrian Walkways Plan

This Plan establishes a methodology for prioritizing ARC assistance for improvements to the regional bicycle and pedestrian networks, based on objective analysis of existing facilities as well as input from local citizens, policy makers and advocates. The Plan provides decision-makers with multimodal criteria for selecting projects, based on their significance to regional transportation, land-use and development policies. Among the Plan’s highlights was an innovative melding of existing conditions analysis, public input and contingent valuation to determine where needs are most acute. As the prime consultant, Landis Evans + Parnters, formerly Sprinkle Consulting, led the strategic evaluation of existing bicycle and pedestrian conditions across the 18 member counties of the Atlanta Regional Commission with a special focus around major activity centers, including the nationally known Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) study sites. Landis Evans performed evaluations of conditions throughout the extensive Atlanta region using the Bicycle- and Pedestrian Level of Service Models. In addition, the Sprinkle Team conducted a latent demand analysis, taking into consideration the potential for bicycling and walking near the Region’s major universities, including Georgia Tech, Emory, and Georgia State. The Landis Evans Team then used the results of these evaluations in a series of innovative community workshops to gain crucial public buy-in of standard levels of accommodation for bicycling and walking within the region’s busiest and most strategic roadway corridors.