Bicycle Facility Selection and Sidepath/Design Guidelines (FDOT District 1)

Sprinkle Consulting developed quantifiable guidelines for sidepath facility consideration and a conceptual level of service framework for sidepaths, with guidance provided by an advisory committee and FDOT officials. With on-road bicycle facilities being constructed in great numbers throughout Florida and the United States, the general public, elected officials, and planning and design professionals often believe that in some cases a separated sidepath is the better choice. Informal observations indicate that many bicyclists choose to ride on sidewalks instead of using standard bicycle lanes. However, the AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities cautions against paths adjacent to roadways. This guide and other design manuals in the United States provide limited information concerning situations where sidepaths might be more appropriate, but this guidance has not been quantified. Sprinkle Consulting studied many corridors with existing sidepaths in Florida for this operational and safety evaluation, and implemented the results of this research to develop shared-use paths within roadway rights-of-way that can be safe and efficient for all users.