First Coast MPO Regional Greenways & Trails Plan, Jacksonville Metropolitan Area

This Plan expanded the greenway network of Duval, Clay, St. Johns, and Nassau Counties, improving the functioning of the greenway system for recreation and active transportation by cyclists and pedestrians. Using an extensive public input effort to identify citizens’ priorities and reviews of the plans for the five counties, Landis Evans, formerly Sprinkle Consulting, helped the MPO and its constituencies establish high priority corridors in the MPO area for bicycle, pedestrian, and equestrian facilities. These more than 250 corridors were evaluated based upon the votes of citizens, ad-hoc committees (such as walking, bicycling and equestrian clubs), and government committees. Numerous objective criteria were used to evaluate the corridors: (1) proximity to schools; (2) proximity to parks; (3) encumbrances (use of public lands); (4) proximity to existing fixed-transit routes; (5) connectivity to the existing off-street greenways network; (6) residential density of the surrounding area; and (7) classification as a ‘regional’ greenway. Once the corridors were scored based upon the votes and above objective criteria, key study corridors were shortlisted. They were then evaluated for the feasibility of implementing treatments including in-street facilities, pathways and intersection improvements.