Gainesville-Alachua Countywide Bicycle Master Plan

The Gainesville Master Plan sets a new standard for bicycle master plans, according to Robert Hutchinson, MPO Chairman and County Commissioner who proclaimed upon its adoption, ‘This Plan will be the model by which all bicycle plans in the U.S. are developed. One of the Plan’s many innovations is the establishment of network wide minimum bicycling condition standards that all new roadways or reconstruction must meet. The Plan establishes four major action programs to fulfill the community vision: (1) Expand the on-road bicycle system; (2) Develop the off-road trail network; (3) Enhance bicycle safety; and (4) Increase the bicycle mode share. The Plan employs a system-wide neo-traditional cost-benefit ratio to prioritize the more than 1100 miles of roadways and urban path corridors for improvements. The cost-benefit ratio relies on the advanced Bicycle Level of Service Model, a demand assessment using the Latent Demand Method, and an innovative network-wide facility selection and cost approach, the Facility Selection and Cost Decision Method developed by the staff of Sprinkle Consulting.