Hillsborough County Bike Safety Action Plan

In response to the escalation of bicycle crashes that have gained local and national media attention, Landis Evans + Partners, formerly Sprinkle Consulting, was recruited to analyze collision reports for all of Hillsborough County (metropolitan Tampa, Florida) as well as recommend crash-specific solutions and applicable countermeasures that should reduce the probability of similar crashes recurring. This will help Hillsborough County make significant progress towards changing its reputation as one of the most challenging places for bicycling in the country. The staff at Landis Evans analyzed over 1200 crashes from a five year period to identify zones of high collision intensity, and then performed statistical analysis of over 300 crashes within these zones to identify demographic, temporal, and other imperative situational patterns among them. Additionally, Landis Evans’ bicycle safety experts performed detailed analyses of one high-crash corridors within each zone, based on comprehensive reviews of accident reports and field visits to over 50 crash sites. The resulting recommendations include specific enforcement, and educational countermeasures for recurring crash factors, and site-specific engineering recommendations including intersection redesign to allow easier crossings that discourage unsafe behaviors, signal timing adjustments, signage/marking modifications, and visibility management.