Idaho Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Landis Evans + Partners, formerly Sprinkle Consulting, helped the State of Idaho develop a plan conveying how the accommodation of bicycling and walking throughout the state’s varied settings will advance broad goals already supported by the state’s leadership and citizenry. These goals include: advancing the state economy boosting tourism enhancing transportation safety expanding transportation choice improving public health and reducing health care costs promoting the quality of life of Idahoans Providing bicycling and walking infrastructure and programs are a winning way to bring and retain creative and entrepreneurial resources and investment to the state; such efforts also further Idaho’s pursuit to urbanize in some regions of the state, preserve the rural heritage in other parts, and work together develop a more sustainable economy. Landis Evans’ approach couples an objective fiscal analysis with a strong emphasis on relationship-building among business and economic development leadership. Involving a full spectrum of non-traditional participants enables the entire constituency and leadership to gain an appreciation of the larger societal benefits (both qualitative and quantitative) that result from a comprehensive bicycling and pedestrian transportation and recreation system benefits that accrue to the economic, social and environmental health of the state. The plan is focused on articulating how achievement of these goals can be advanced by the integration of bike-ped initiatives into Idaho’s transportation system. A key product is an action plan that provides clear steps that public agencies can follow to enable the state to realize these economic goals.