Miami-Dade Comprehensive Bicycle Safety Plan

This plan addressed the bicycle crash problems in the Miami-Dade MPO area by using crash typing* , GIS trend analysis, and field reviews to develop engineering, education, and enforcement countermeasures. At high crash locations, (identified using GIS analysis) on-site reviews were performed using the hard copy crash reports. Crashes were evaluated from both the motorist and bicyclist perspectives to determine the root cause and potential solutions for each type of collision. Engineering solutions were identified to alleviate location-specific crash problems ranging from: shared lane markings in areas with on-street parking, to real-time bicyclist activated warning signs, to, ( in one unusual situation) an advance stop bar for bicyclists. Informational and administrative countermeasures were established to mitigate crash trends in larger areas. Included in these countermeasures are multi-lingual educational campaigns and selective enforcement, targeting against-traffic riding and riding at night without lights. *Crash typing was performed using the latest version of FHWA’s PBCAT software.