Mid-America Regional Council’s Complete Streets Planning Services

The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) is the metropolitan planning organization and association of city and county governments serving the bi-state Kansas City region. In August 2010, the MARC Board of Directors approved a new long-range transportation plan for the region, Transportation 2040, that outlines investments in a multimodal transportation system over the next 30 years. The policy framework for the new plan includes an emphasis of increasing mobility choice for the public and creating transportation corridors that meet the needs of all users. MARC received a grant from the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City to support introduction of Complete Streets’ policies to local officials throughout the region, and to encourage their adoption and implementation. MARC engaged Sprinkle Consulting to support its work with local communities to further Complete Street policy adoption and implementation. Two cities, Kansas City, Missouri, and Raytown, Missouri, are serving as demonstrations of policy and design approaches to furthering Complete Streets. Both cities identified a common corridor, Blue Ridge Boulevard, to provide a regional demonstration project, and by engaging stakeholders to determine appropriate design features, these communities expect to further the establishing of Complete Streets policies and implementation by their local officials.