North Fulton County, GA Comprehensive Transportation Plan

This multi-jurisdictional Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) provided five proactive suburban municipalities with cost effective strategies to improve bicycling and walking conditions for over 300 miles of roadways, tailored to the surrounding land use and in close concert with the policies and methodologies employed by the local MPO the Atlanta Regional Commission. Sprinkle’s working relationship with the MPO staff facilitated a plan of action for the cities of Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Sandy Springs, Roswell and Mountain Park that was consistent with the MPO’s regional initiatives, so that they are now in accord their major source of funding assistance. Sprinkle staff also supplemented the general, network-wide recommendations with detailed recommendations of bicycling improvements for a number of challenging priority corridors. Based on careful review of roadway geometry, traffic conditions, right of way limits, crash data and the surrounding street networks, Sprinkle staff found opportunities to better accommodate bicycle travel in these very constrained corridors, including an innovative buffered bike lane design for a corridor with wider shoulders that occasionally give way to deceleration/acceleration lanes. The overall CTP incorporates bicycling, walking and transit into a comprehensive vision for North Fulton County that provides safety, and mobility for all modes within the context of each city’s unique character.