Pennsylvania Statewide Greenways Plan

The Pennsylvania Statewide Greenways Plan is a five year, three million dollar project that charts the course for a comprehensive statewide Greenway Program and Action Plan. Landis Evans + Partners, formerly Sprinkle Consulting, staff co-managed this project, specifically developing key elements of the Action Plan and coordinating the efforts of a multi-disciplinary team of experts. The Plan focuses on a broad variety of objectives, including development of a statewide greenways GIS system, establishment of a web-based Greenways Clearinghouse, extensive public outreach, a comprehensive funding plan, and establishment of a new department within state government to support greenways. An important part of this project was to work with key state agencies, the Governor’s Policy Office, and the Governor’s Greenways Partnership Commission to develop consensus among agencies and advocates for new policies that systematically encourage and support greenway development.