Rochester, NY Bicycle Master Plan

Increased environmental consciousness and the current state of the economy have led many residents in the Rochester area to rediscover the bicycle as a practical way to get around. The new Bicycle Master Plan’s main focus areas are the metropolitan on-street bicycle network and the creation of city-wide programs enhancing and promoting bicycling. The Landis Evans Team designed solutions for many of Rochester’s needs, enabling: affordable and accessible transportation to help the local economy; a healthier community through active transportation and recreation; safe and convenient access to jobs, education and health care; and a better quality of life for the community and its citizens. Landis Evans + Partners, formerly Sprinkle Consulting, led its combined team of national experts and locally experienced sub-consultants to help the city with a blueprint to improve transportation by optimizing their right-of-ways and the existing public infrastructure to promote and accommodate increased bicycle use in Rochester. Peer cities reviews combined with public workshops yielded input and affirmation from the community that helped focus on the necessary, yet practical changes to improve the city’s bicycle network. This resulting feedback provided a concentrated plan to implement: Zoning Code Adjustments, Street and Roadway Lane Restriping Policies, Bicycle Boulevards, Route Signage, Bicycle Parking & Rental Stations, and effective new Educational/Outreach Programs.