San Antonio-Bexar County, TX MPO Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Data Collection & Road Diets

Landis Evans + Partners, formerly Sprinkle Consulting, helped the San Antonio MPO identify opportunities for a major expansion to the region’s network of bicycle facilities. The results of the research suggest that the characteristics of the region’s roadway indicate vast potential for new on-road bicycle facilities. With a focus on identifying locations with excess pavement where bike lanes can be created at a minimal cost to the region’s implementing jurisdictions, the Landis Evans Team discovered more than 300 miles of roadways on which facilities could be created both quickly and inexpensively. These findings will guide future region-wide implementation of a connected system of livable transportation corridors. Building on a first project phase in which more than 60,000 field data items were analyzed to quantify existing bicycling and walking conditions, Landis Evans then identified existing facilities and other locations where an acceptable level of bicycle accommodation has already been achieved. The remaining segments were subsequently analyzed for other potential bicycle facility improvements, primarily through the reallocation of existing pavement. The second phase went beyond the original scope of the project to identify candidates for the addition of paved shoulders and other corridor-specific improvements such as bike boulevards and sidepaths.