San Antonio, TX Metropolitan Area Route Suitability Study: Linking Historic Mission Trails into a Bicycle Network

Assisted by the staff of Landis Evans, the San Antonio-Bexar County MPO initiated an extensive regional bicycle transportation system linking a growing network of historic and riparian off-road trails and greenways. A broad array of underutilized streets and transportation corridors created a host of opportunities to transform this Texas metropolitan area into a balanced transportation system serving a diverse population with a number of parochial schools and universities such as University of Texas-SA and Trinity University. Working with many of the local governments, Sprinkle staff identified 187 miles of street restriping to create an extensive and integrated bicycle network. Criteria such as bicycling conditions evaluations, connectivity & continuity measures, a bicycling potential demand assessment, and a facility type selection and cost assignment decision ‘tree’ methodology are used for prioritizing the network for implementation.