Trails & Pathways

Our staff enhance access to quality natural environments through innovative trail and pathway designs. Building upon years of collective experience from across the U.S., we integrate the disciplines of environmental science, land use planning, engineering, and construction management to help you successfully assimilate active transportation and scenic escapes.

We create facilities that are:
• Operationally-reliable – including alignment, geometry, and striping/markings
• Popular – users will ride, walk or run with confidence, when they have confidence in the facility itself
• Easy to operate and maintain
• Mindful of Pathway/roadway crossings – our designers ensure accommodation of all end users, whether they’re on the trail or passing by in their own vehicle

With Landis Evans, our goal isn’t providing you with a facility that meets your needs right now. Paths and cross-section configurations that we design continue to serve you and your community for decades, even as populations and popularity continue to grow. We’ve developed consistently reliable bicycle and pedestrian Level of Service (LOS) models that provide us invaluable foresight when designing your pathway network. We can predict what demands your facility will need to meet far down the road (no pun intended).