Safety Action Plans

A Safety Action Plan is more than a list of projects identified by an agency that should be implemented; it is a comprehensive framework of strategies developed through a process that involves all stakeholders’ offices working together to identify specific problem areas, objectives, tactics that work toward meeting those objectives, and a timeline for implementation. In short, these plans provide a comprehensive blueprint for improving walking and bicycling in a given community. Senior transportation planner Theo Petritsch, P.E., AICP and his team at Landis Evans thrive at developing plans that allow countywide environments to support active lifestyles and a high standard of living.
Our safety action plans involve:
• thorough review and analysis of crash reports to identify general temporal and spatial crash trends,
• crash typing,
• identification of high-crash corridors evaluated in daylight and nighttime conditions, and
• recommendations for engineering-, education-, enforcement-, and encouragement- based countermeasures and an evaluation program.